Some tips for the care of the neck and chest

Most women at the time to protect and care for the skin, neck and chest are often the most overlooked parts in this process. But it is seen that these are areas that need much more protection even to the very skin of the face, being more sensitive and thin. The skin in this area can easily become dehydrated and lose elasticity in the absence of collagen fibers. In the neck and chest are the first wrinkles appear, for example in the neck can be wrinkled by heredity or hormonal excess or the sun, and cleavage wrinkles are generated by the passage of time.

To prevent this here are some tips given by some clinics who care for the skin:

    Use lotion every day on the neck and chest, as applied to the face, from top to bottom.
    At night use creams to nourish the skin in that area and strengthen it to withstand environmental factors.
    You have to exfoliate once a week the part of the neck, applying the product in a circular fashion.
    Always wear sunscreen, since too much sun causes skin aging faster.
    Avoid sudden changes in weight, since they are generated grooves.

If all these tips are not enough, thanks to technology you can use the t reatment medical-aesthetic as the IPL that eliminates small veins and spots on the skin, to unify the tone of this and give more young people. Another option is l Chemical Peels will allow the removal of stains due to exfoliation it does to the skin.
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