Hair ties: a chic look like celebrities

The hair ties are no longer an accessory for girls, today in the latest trends indicate that the bonds have returned and are in fashion. With a chic, retro and even urban ties are reigning do not you think how? So here I'll show you all pay attention!

Always feminine: Headbands with bows

In every store you can find accessories headbands with bows, all forms, colors and sizes. Some bigger than others, I suggest you use with your hair down and if a hairstyle with curls, the better it complements the retro style.

This type of headbands are attracting the attention of girls, its flexibility means you can form a loop and accommodate the side you want. I have a couple, the good thing is that you do not fit because they are adjustable.

My headband with bow is perfect for all occasions, including for a party because it has elegant sequins that make

This is another type of headbands, I also I have one so cute asides are perfect for the cold, 100% recommended.

Blair Waldorf is one of the actresses that has been characterized by use headbands with bows. Keep in mind she is a fashion icon, beginning with its participation in Gossip Girl.

Snooky's look does cause a stir, if you identify with the girl from Jersey, I recommend that you take into account the headbands with bows and animal print. How about that? Not bad right?

Ties large and small, the perfect complement to your outfit

It is not me, I say great designers, including high fashion ties are present. Strong colors, citrus and even fashion are phosphorescent.

You probably bet on discrete models, but even hesitate, the celebrities are opting for larger models, if you do not believe me, look at some examples.

Look at Kimora's look! The model dared to use a red ribbon as a complement to her beautiful black dress. Although I love the black and red combination, I think a big loop will cause a few laughs.

This is also the case of singer Katy Perry, who bet with a bow not large if not huge. I know that hardly will follow in his footsteps, but she is a renowned singer and everything is allowed.
Retro style, grease is back girls, hairstyles of the 60s are of all fashions, and obviously the way to decorate your hair with a beautiful ribbon is the color of your choice.

Retro fashion is characterized by dresses with cutouts at the waist, and as we see in the pictures are perfectly complemented by the bonds in hair.

Chic as could be, if you're a girl pinky and feminine, this look suits you. a dress in layers and tie the same color and loose hair, conquering who pass your way.
Difference between large and small loop, as there is a lot depends on your taste, I like my two. I think it depends more on the outfit you're wearing. In this case Rihanna opted for a large loop and a small one Kelly Osbourne The two look regal!

Hair ties, sexy and pop

Do not tell me you have not seen Lady Gaga looks surely remember your bow hair, but she has not been the only one in use Look at the pictures!
She is eccentric and we all love, if you want asemejarte it, please go to the hairdresser and ask them to do your hair with a ribbon Cheer!

Another is encouraged with the loop of hair is Paris Hilton, with a more elegant and sophisticated. I'm sure this look is perfect for a wedding or important event.
Finally, consider how to face to decide which is better tie you Do not exaggerate! Sometimes celebrities do the same environment in which they are handled, but it is best to try to be sober and sophisticated luck!
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