Long skirts: four basic models for your wardrobe

I remember I was very young, had a weakness for skirts. I really! Now I must confess that, for reasons of space and money, I had to reduce my collection. However, I have yet basic skirts should be in every wardrobe.

types skirt

Maxi skirt: Can be used all year round
They were very popular in the past year and, apparently, will stay with us for much longer. Being that they are so versatile! You can carry them in your preferred color and even super bold prints. My personal recommendation is that you choose one of a bright color, like mustard or orange, will serve both the winter and the summer.
For summer, full, vibrant color is always good, but printed maxi is also an excellent choice and easy to combine with simple tops. These outfits are easy to create, and super trendy.
Beware of your maxi prints, which I recommend if you are short wear skirts in solid colors or patterned young children.
types maxi skirt

types maxi skirt

And do not hold your long skirt when winter comes, you can also build beautiful outfits that will keep you warm. A jacket or sweater will be the best allies to keep you warm and fashionable.

Asymmetrical Skirt
The asymmetrical skirts became fashionable almost on par with the maxi, and are characterized by different lengths they have. Some are longer ago are higher other right and left, and others are simply composed of layers fall freely from the sides.

Like the maxi, are super versatile, glamorous and even more common than skirts. They are perfect for your everyday or borcegos slippers, and special occasions in heels and show off your favorite blouse.
Trumpet Skirt: The skirt of the season
The trumpet skirt is one of those pleasant surprises that brings the autumn-winter 2013. It's super flattering silhouette with all women, because it sharpens the waist highlights the derriere and make a balance between the shoulders and hips.
If you are short, my only recommendation is that you choose skirts that reach a finger on your knees. If you're taller, you can show off with skirts that reach up to your ankles or your knees.

And this is a model that comes from the catwalks, and you will see not only long skirts, but also long skirts and dresses.
Tube skirt or pencil skirt
Know you have a favorite miniskirt, that you use to break the record, but tell me if it not necessary to have a slightly longer skirt save you more formal situations!
Is not that a pencil skirt looks more stylish longer? DesentonarĂ¡s not one of estas.Y never eye, do not think that you will only pencil skirt for work, now find them in many colors and textures you will not want to take them off ever.

Have you taken note? If you lack any of these long skirts, runs to find the one that best fits your needs. Remember, always dare to wear clothes that enhance your natural beauty and not be afraid to take your curves proudly.

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