High heels for big girls

As you remember years ago we were girls girls for a while longer, now by several factors, our kids tend to grow faster and I do not mean the size, if not the personality, attitudes and social skills.'s Good sometimes give our small tastes, especially since they are in the age in which we like to feel girls, while not hurting your health Help her feel like a princess.
The Bhs store has exclusive products for girls and since some years have launched their line of shoes with heels, although it may seem a little hasty. you can not deny that the models look beautiful.
Cleated shoes for party girls
A marriage, an important ceremony, any of these special occasions can be the scene of the premiere of your girl in tacos. The first tip I can give is not to buy the shoes online stores, go with your child to the store and have it try the shoes to walk with them and ask if she feels comfortable. At first it may be uncomfortable but more likely to get used.
If your child is fond of fashion (Like father, like son) go with her to this world, very carefully, taking into account age parameters. These shoes are designed for girls ages 9-12 years, but the important thing is the comfort of your child.
Model the winter line for girls
As you can see the models are beautiful, and you can find many models, for winter, summer and many colors to choose from. I'm sure your baby will love.
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